Creativity in the Bedroom


GOTCHA! No, this is not a sex blog! ROFL. I have been puttering in my bedroom, which is also my office and my craft workroom. We have a king-sized bed, necessary for two people and two dogs! It takes up most of the room, so it is for sure the focal point.

I bought a lovely tapestry pillow, but it looked so naked by itself on the bed that I had to do something to perk it all up. So I took two pillow forms (one from a tacky-looking pillow that I wanted to re-cover anyway) and covered them. And not a bit of sewing involved!

For both, I used solid color pillowcases that matched the colors in my Amish quilt. I put the pillow form inside the case, in the lowest corner. Carefully folding the excess fabric to the back, I tied a scarf around each.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Easy Peasy. Pictures aren’t really great, but you get the idea!

Over my bed I have a family quilt – made, I believe, by my great-grandmother. It is a very dark navy (almost black) and cream. My hubby, Ed, hung it folded so both sides showed. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Today I found a great site to share with you – called WHERE WOMEN CREATE They are running a twelve days of Christmas giveaway right now, and although I really don’t want to share it with anyone, because I want it all for myself – there will be TWELVE winners (it started November 30, but you still have time to get in on the last 5 days!)

Next blog will be more about great sites that I have found – there are so many creative people out there – I am often humbled by the talent!


About ReaderWoman

Professional reader and researcher for writers - Reviewer and Editor for online book review sites - AVID reader (well, duh!) writer, crafter (sewing, jewelry, fiber art) photographer, herb gardener, love to learn new things - Married 3842 years, 2 "kids" (now 34 and 36) and two grands (13 and 15) Born and raised California Girl, with stints in Tennessee, learning to speak Southern, and Arizona, learning that living in a trailer is NOT fun! Enjoy conversations with wine and chocolate, long walks and being with hubby and family. Life is good!

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