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Creativity in the Bedroom


GOTCHA! No, this is not a sex blog! ROFL. I have been puttering in my bedroom, which is also my office and my craft workroom. We have a king-sized bed, necessary for two people and two dogs! It takes up most of the room, so it is for sure the focal point.

I bought a lovely tapestry pillow, but it looked so naked by itself on the bed that I had to do something to perk it all up. So I took two pillow forms (one from a tacky-looking pillow that I wanted to re-cover anyway) and covered them. And not a bit of sewing involved!

For both, I used solid color pillowcases that matched the colors in my Amish quilt. I put the pillow form inside the case, in the lowest corner. Carefully folding the excess fabric to the back, I tied a scarf around each.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Easy Peasy. Pictures aren’t really great, but you get the idea!

Over my bed I have a family quilt – made, I believe, by my great-grandmother. It is a very dark navy (almost black) and cream. My hubby, Ed, hung it folded so both sides showed. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Today I found a great site to share with you – called WHERE WOMEN CREATE They are running a twelve days of Christmas giveaway right now, and although I really don’t want to share it with anyone, because I want it all for myself – there will be TWELVE winners (it started November 30, but you still have time to get in on the last 5 days!)

Next blog will be more about great sites that I have found – there are so many creative people out there – I am often humbled by the talent!


Holidays are Here – Are you doing Homemade Gifting this Year?


I am. I almost always do. My kids (30 and 31-1/2) don’t really appreciate it much, so I tried harder this year to meet their interests – or at least my daughter’s. I think I will end up buying things for my son, because homemade is definitely not his gig, unless it is out of the kitchen. Sigh.

My sisters will both get handmade gifts – as will my landlord, neighbor and the friends I share gift-giving with. I am giving gifts of charity donations this year as well, donations to my sister’s charity, Oma Village, and to a green organization that will send a magazine and ideas on living green to my recipients. Please, if you are considering charitable giving this year for your gift list, please remember, giving and doing good deeds are in the spirit of the season for most religions holiday beliefs.

Here are the crafts I have begun for giving. My daughter and I have begun, in the last few years, exchanging small gifts on each Sunday of Advent. We are behind this year, since our move has kind of gotten in the way of making things. But here is the first gift for her; a handmade Santa shelf sitter:

Pinned together ready for hand stitching


Blanket stitching completed




This pattern is based on a pattern in an older craft book I own. Called Homemade Gifts Under $10, it was published in 1998 in the Clever Crafter Series from Leisure Arts Inc.

You can see the Santa I am making on the cover

Because I am a buttonoholic my Santa only shares a pattern with the book – I have added buttons for a belt clasp, the snowflakes on the hat are buttons, and the holly leaves and berries on the hat is also a button.

Cute little guy all done!

For my favorite sister, I am making some things from the kitchen – pound cake to go with the luscious Pomegranate Sauce I am making from the pomegranates on the tree in our new back yard. I have also made her a clever little crocheted sunflower towel holder – different from the ones that cut a towel in half and crochet a topper, this one will hold any towel. The back, hanger part, will be plastic canvas. Glad to know I could find a use for all the leftover plastic canvas I have! J It comes from the same book.

^^BOOK PICTURE              ^^MY WORK

Hope your holiday season is filled joy, family and creativity!